(or back to Zero haha)

Hello Friends!

It’s another beautiful day and I’m sitting on my couch. Just came from a morning stroke. I was so pumped about a new project I’m starting that I could not sleep so I went out to get some fresh air.


for a few days I’ve been thinking about what to blog about. There were so many things I wanted to talk about but didn’t quite know where to start from.

Anyway, I’ll figure out everything along the way…

This post will be the first in a series post where I will document my journey building a branded ecommerce store.

I will share with you all the things I do, and you are gonna have an insight into my thought processes.

If you are reading this you might wonder what I could teach you…
At the end of the day, I’m not a dropshipping* guru making 6 figures a month with hundreds of Youtube subscribers…

BUT Hold On…
I’ll explain in a second…

…There are 2 possible outcomes of this project:

1st. I will fail miserably, won’t make any sale, and will lose some cash


2nd. I won’t fail and will be able to generate some revenue

In BOTH cases, you as a reader will have vicariously learned something from my failure or success.

To be honest, I myself don’t know for sure what’s gonna happen, but I’m ready and excited about the outcome, good or bad.

Let’s see where it goes and how it goes…


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